Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Hello World!
I figured I should start out my blog with a nice informative post. Who doesn't like to peer into other people's lives and laugh with them, hope for them, and shake their head at them. Well, here I am ready to laugh, hope, and shake.
        This is me, Kaity. I work in a redwood forest teaching kids about nature and stewardship and themselves. My life is an adventure and I share it with my husband, Justin. Maybe if I get his approval I can post some pictures sometime. He works at camp too.

We have a newly adopted Greyhound named Maggie (because she is a magnet) she is very sweet and funny. Maggie is a retired racer and she loves to run. Recently she ran right into a wheelbarrow and learned a lesson about running in the dark. Now she is sure the wheelbarrow is going to attack her again and keeps an eye on it. We also have a funny little hamster named Stella!. Stella! is adorable and tiny, she is a robo dwarf hamster and we got her because I need furry creatures in my life and our apartment at the time didn't allow dogs. Boo. But, we did get Stella! because of it. 

        The main purpose of this blog is to share my creations (most of them are going to be crochet but some needle felting and sewing and painting and house organization will eek in as well). I don't sit still well, so I am usually crafting or creating in some manner. As I type I am supposed to be on vacation. We are visiting family in MN. As we currently live in Sonoma County, CA the snow is a nice alternative to rain or fog.

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