Friday, February 8, 2013


Flowers are fun either as a stand alone clip, part of a headband or an embellishment on a hat. These flowers were ordered by friends for their girls.

If the color of the inside of the petal contrasts with the outside of the petal you get a pleasant country flower.

Purple and yellow (Lakers colors?) makes a good match.

These headbands had bouncy huge ribbons on them and Jess wanted them to be a bit more simple. So sweet little flowers were the ideal replacement.

This simple design ruffles because I put three stitches in each stitch on the second row. I like the soft look of the cloth button.

This reminds me of an inside out stained glass window. Slightly pointed ends are easy to make, just use double stitches at the tip of your petals and single stitches around the rest of your petals.

A double flower and a double button. I start most of my flowers with 10 stitches in the beginning circle. This gives space for five petals with a slip or single stitch to separate them. If I wanted more petals I would add more stitches in the center.

I utilized the front loop of the first row (in white) to make a spiral that follows around. This is a lighter and more dainty flower clip because it used baby yarn and fewer stitches. 

Fourth of July or a baseball team this flower is based on the Cubs but is a standalone color combo as well. Team flowers are a cute way show your team spirit without looking too sporty.

Flowers don't always need a button, a tight center of a different color adds interest.

I love mixing yarn when making flowers. This white yarn is a shiny soft baby yarn and the pink is a wool/acrylic blend. The two textures go well together.

Sometimes I design a flower to look good with an awesome button.

A bigger red white and blue flower. Mixing petal shapes adds interest too.

Matching the button to the back petals calms down a girly theme and helps add sophistication.

Most of these flowers had alligator style clips, but I switched to this style because it holds on to hats and headbands a little more securely adding some versatility to the flowers. 
If you are looking to make flowers and need a tutorial I am working on one for some of my more simple flowers. If you would like to buy one, click on over to my etsy shop. If you want to know where I get some of my supplies, check out oriental trading for clips and polka dot buttons and find your local thrift store, they are often full of vintage buttons. Have a wonderful day!

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